Week 9 Captions

Do You Know Where your Fish Comes From? 

360_9_cA group of shoppers engaged in conversation with Pro-Fisherman Charlie Royce during Mondays Lure Festival at Ballard Sunday Farmers Market. Photo courtesy of Cricket News and We Need Heroes Press.

As Washington’s wettest weekend came to a halt, crowds scrambled from the inner-cities to catch Seattles Annual Lure Festival this Sunday. Whats the big catch? Well… fish of course, and not just any fish. Hundreds of Fisheries from across the country came out to discuss new techniques in Sustainable Aqua-farming and Hydroponics. Wouldn’t you like to know what makes your fish produce taste so special? Read More

Student of the Year Wins Lottery in his last term

360_9_b As an undergrad at University of California Los Angeles Bruce Shakespeare, 20, who became ‘student of the year’ last Spring just may be the luckiest student on campus. Photo courtesy of the We Need Heroes Press.

For most kids who go from High School life to a University Campus demographic, things don’t always go as planned. Some settle for less and take each quarter a couple of courses at a time and others take advantage of the full College experience by achieving their degrees early. For ‘Student of the Year,’ Bruce Shakespeare, who is just about done with his fourth quarter, winning the 60.9 Million Dollar jackpot of the California Lottery was the last thing he’d ever expected. Read More


‘Ridiculed Science Circle’ Release New Study that Couples Work Smarter over Singles

360_9_aLife partners and CEO’s of Coca-Cola Inc. Margarita and Timothy Scully are shown above screening interviewees at the Granada Hotel during Cincinnati’s ‘Findlay Market Career Day.’ Photo courtesy of the Pretzel Factory and the We Need Heroes Press.

A new study has just been released by a team of scientist known as the Kinetic Complex Council on Classification from the United Kingdom, that “couples are the most adamant about obtaining financial success compared to persons who are single. The study known as “Purple Rain” was based on a 5 year project focused on business couples who managed economic stability in such a competitive market during the recession. Though, all of this may sound like normal news, the KCCC is most notorious for their claim that “the human race has evolved from reptiles and not from the traditional narrative of our ancestors being the offspring of uncivil apes.” Read More