Week 6

Redundant Navigation – A useful tool of placing user tasks in more than one place on your site. This helps navigators have options on how they want to browse on your site. This allows them to accomplish what they were after in multiple variations, which can be helpful for different types of users.

404 Page – The one page that is most recognizable, because it is the standard error page on the World Wide Web. It is a Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) standard response code that helps redirect a client from a page that doesn’t exist to alternate ones that are available.

Keywords – These are the words or phrases that describe the content on your site. This is what the user types into any search engine while navigating on the Internet, so it is crucial that you make your content match the keywords associated with your site. Ex: Keywords have become stronger than ever with the use of the hashtag trend.

Meta Data/ Meta Tags – Also known as the Meta Description. It is the words that summarize the large blue click-able links that pop-up in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) on Google.com. They are usually formatted within a 160 character limit. Usually the gray text below the click-able link.

Listicle – A written article presented in a sequence of lists or short descriptions. The Internet is full of them for instance, anything on line that uses the phrase ‘Top 10’ in their title is considered a listicle because it contains an article in list form.

Backlinks – Also known as ‘Inbound Link’ or ‘Incoming Link.’ They are the links connected between websites that allow a user to back track or connect to another website. The more backlinks a website has, the more popular it becomes.

Anchor links – It is a page link that points to a place within a web page. An anchor link can be created by using the <a> tag in HTML, having the title line where you want the anchor to be. Usually involving the URL site in connection to the to the anchor text which matches the displayed content.

Jeffrey Zeldman – The ultimate Web-Master who began publishing web-content on the Web since 1995. He helped jump-start the e-zine A List Apart which is focused on optimal web-development and research on best practices. He has written many books and the one titled Designing with Web Standards has established a standard for web-designers world wide.

Ethan Marcotte – Author of the book Responsive Web Design, He is an independent web-designer that has helped pioneer the standards for web-development. According the website AListApart.com, he once worked for People Magazine, The Boston Globe, New York Magazine, and the Sundance Film Festival. Him and Jeffrey Zeldman sound like best friends.