How is Writing Important for Design?

When it comes to design, of course there is no right or wrong way to generate a process, yet you must have some sort of language skill to communicate your message in a way that will also appropriate your content. This makes for a better presentation for your audience. To me, this is why writing is important for designers, because the elaboration process can be better off explained using words. Sometimes you can let your artwork speak for itself, but if used properly the writing is what optimizes the design towards a distinguished focus. The bottom line is without the descriptive details that every product needs to be developed; how will the designers know what to make? Or even more important, how will it be made? Without ingredients there is no recipe.

Writing and reading go hand in hand for any subject matter, however for design it can help strengthen your marketing and research process. If you want to know how to design better, you must learn how communicate better. The best way to communicate is typically drafted in written form which makes writing crucial for designers. More than a skill set, writing is a lifestyle that animates your content. How can anybody sell a product without a vivid comprehensive presentation? This has to be thought out and jotted down. Don’t expect to remember everything, because in design there is nothing more important than those fine little details. And the more you read, you will be able to write more with all the insight you’ll accumulate in the process of design thinking. This is why the brainstorm process works best in written form, because it visually begins to shape your design one revision at a time.

Furthermore, your role as a designer in the creative process should always include why you think something should be designed a particular way. In the article 10 Strategies to Help Designers Conquer a Fear of Writing by Tim Lapetino, he states in number two

“Our choice of communication shows what we value, and designers need to remind clients and other creative team partners that we’re valuable for more than just “decorating” in the design process. Give your input in the initial stages of a project as it pertains to copy length, tone, and voice.”