Just another soul clinging to a flame to be empowered by own existence. Aren’t we all? Everyday we come up with better answers to the same questions, yet are never really satisfied to stop the same questions.. There are queries that take over the thought process and keep us up at night pondering on the fabulous theories and tales of reality. I find myself in a deeper hole, the more I dig into resources or books for answers. I seem to come up with new questions with every epiphany.  At least I hope that every dot I come across was meant to be connected. Similarly, I tend to bring people together, so I’m even more hopeful that this is the case. Most things in life connect so perfectly, nature is a great example. And by nature, we all seek changes. I am constantly working on ways to protect and lead those around me. I seek to encourage others to tune into their creative intuitions and develop a process that will push them further towards their goals. Nothing to gain, but the experience. Splendor awaits!