The Sound of Music is Within


Illustration: Doodling in sketchbook, Vector art by #SavetheWorldMachine via Instagram.


I believe music is the greatest achievement ever to happen to mankind and maybe next to the invention of the written language itself, but I also believe that the first sounds ever recorded in history were perhaps the sound of our own souls whispering, churning, inquisitively between the shadows while a deeper creative spirit was at work. A mimic of a biochemical equation comes to mind, or something being splintered off into every direction tracing us from the stars up above to the legendary planets within. Each organ playing their respective role in the musical composition of man. Changes from above can trigger or fluctuate our emotions. We send and receive signals absorbing the electromagnetic orbs that circle our central Sun. Between you, the land, air, us, and them; we are one. A new song written is an phrenic emotion sung.  The first sound of the universe is the Ohm. I believe this to be somewhat true to the best of my knowledge? But still I question the answers. For us to believe that before anything on Earth was created there was pure darkness can also be described as the out of body experiences people go through when coming out of comas. Or a metamorphosis of something of the sort. I mean how do we really know what it is like to die off completely.  Who told you? How do we even know what it was like to live in the so-called cave-man days, or the Dark Ages, besides through very old second hand information or tampered manuscripts. Truth is speculation is good enough for the common breed of ordinary men disguised as patriots and savage hooligans. What was music really like back then? besides magickal


…Did some homework now I’m back….


Crazy Fact: In America, being the ‘badass’ or ‘savage af!’ is trending and I begin to think, is this where the culture of Hip-hop has taken us? We are quick to separate and plot against each other that nothing actually gets done besides the noise of disharmony. How stupid-loud can you get? Who holds more weight? How macho are you? Can you kick his ass? Ever been to jail? The state of hip-hip is diseased by pride and objectified through greed and envy. Truth is the image has moved a lot of great groups into positions of power and stardom but has become the industry standard. Like a toy-box image being force-fed to the nations youth as the new American Dream. Will this pursuit answer your questions of unhappiness? Why do we glorify things that negatively impact our communities the most? Through image and glare, we seem to look down on thoughts of peace or love as weakest traits of humankind. If you don’t think it is really all that bad check out this article Rap, Music, Censorship and Real Life. Why are we ever so quick to stand tall with pride, yet divided by issues that can only be resolved by creating some sort of unison. Do we people really enjoy spreading such tense and erratic vibrations to each other all for the sake of an on-screen image? I’m almost sure there is a better way to get your music heard, It all just seems like a cop out. Or the easy way out. I’m not saying that these lifestyles aren’t valid, what I’m saying is, why can’t it be done differently. I guess this is where the underground comes to play. In the end it is up to us.  In every industry it is suggested that all businesses must know their competition and to eliminate them altogether simply just to stay afloat economically. How psychotic does this allow someone to be, especially those in positions of power? How many death-bed confessions will it take for a whole nation to wake the fuck up? Dead Prez said it best in the song animal in man. Why does it seem like most people cannot yet fathom what the possibilities would be by sharing the entitlement of the land with the nations of the world including the animal kingdoms. You don’t have to believe in magic to know that a sacred history has always existed on this planet. Does it really matter who came first? Also how would the entire World benefit from your domination? …hmmm? thoughts, ideas?

…Other thoughts…

What is the true history of sound? Where do earthly hums originate if anywhere at all? Is there more to space than what we are being told? Do the planets make sounds at all? There is a lot to believe, thats not the point, either way you get side tracked so easily that simple entertainment has managed to suffocate our ability to ask deeper more sensible questions…Just a lot of thoughts without a bubble box.

Happy Monday Folks!

Enjoy the tunes of your own enlightenment.

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