Messages to the Otherside

Dear old friend,

I thought of you today like most days well just because. Your favorite songs came on yesterday and another one of your favorites played just this morning. First it was that Red Hot Chili Pepper’s song, the one you would play at our rehearsals in Goleta. Yes, “Under the Bridge”. And just today “Bittersweet Symphony” played twice. I believe it was by the Verge. Dude I fucking miss you Christian! Its only been 7 years now but the music continues like I promised. I enjoy songs like these so much more because of people like you and I truly thank you for that brother! Even my brother-in-laws favorite song comes on often when I’m walking home from school. Ray’s favorite track was always “When the Lights Go Down in the City” by Journey. Man that song always makes me tear up, or if not hold my breathe because of the general mood I get from the harmonies in this song. Damn Ray, almost like it was just yesterday when you were passing a blunt to me in the front seat of your red pick-up. I should’ve known something was wrong when you sold that truck. What can I say? I was lost too bro. But hey that was only 15 years ago. Little do you know you were the one to introduce me to a lot of the classic-rock bands. (I’ll get back to Ray later)

I listen to classic rock on most occasions. Sometimes even when doing homework, but it is definitely essential when tattooing. But I haven’t tattooed anybody for about a year now and honestly starting to miss it. Wow time flies when you’re busy, but I’m thankful for the music and the memories. I really enjoy the radio features on our smart phones these days. The radio can suck though, but I like to listen to the throwback Hip-Hop stations and especially the oldies channel. I’m always searching for a soothing feel-good tune to keep my mental in a state of happiness. I mean, what would I do without music? What would the world be like without music? I’d hate to imagine it, though I can get a strong sense of how it might be or been.

It’s strange how some songs never leave your head even when the radio is turned off. Eventually the mouth begins to mumble the lyrics. Then I start changing up the lyrics while sticking to the rhythm and all. I guess this is why I enjoy writing lyrics to random beats. I’m always changing up the lyrics to some song, somewhere. Half the time, these tunes are just playing in my head. They’re coming from somewhere?

Anyways, Christian bud, It’s been really difficult for me to find someone who could play the guitar like you did. You had a very laid back style and almost always resorted to playing a mixture of ska, reggae, and of course the Red Hot Chili Pepper style we toyed with for songs like Gypsy Firefly and Dark, Dark, Beautiful Day. That was what the song sounded like when we last played it live. I know, right, these songs are picking up dust. But hey like I said the search has been rough and I still have all the original recordings we did at Rancho, including the Occupy Sessions at Peoples Park which is on YouTube now. Sad to say the movement went underground and has evolved to something unnoticeable. Anyways dude, I still wish to sing the tunes we created on the oceanside of Isla Vista, it’s only a matter of time. I plan to go back and visit soon when school gives me break. I moved from Santa Barbara in late 2012. Oh, and by the way did I tell you, Me and Sandii got hitched  and had a son. His name is Sage and he will be four soon. I see a lot potential in him. He’s a smart kid. Thanks to his mother. Oh and Sandii is so much more than I imagined, I never thought we would make it this far, starting a family and all. It’s hard but we got this. I’m living in Sacramento now. Honestly, I couldn’t ask for more. I feel blessed. But I get so busy these days and at times I must remember to pause for Mate. I also think of all the plans we had for Souldarity. The memories are timeless without you bud. Oh, and did I tell you Melissa has her own band now called Miele, currently based in Baltimore. She has been on the road pursuing the dream doing a lot of shows down the east coast these days. We talk sometimes about you and just check on each other quite often, I miss jamming with the both of you really. I miss hanging out with Colin too. It’s been extremely difficult to join another band since you left us, but I am currently working on a solo-project for Theatre Mutiny. I just wanted to stress that I didn’t forget about you and it is at moments like this when I’m writing new music that I begin to miss you more than ever brother. We’ ll chat again soon. it’s time to brush little Sage’s teeth and get ready for bed myself.

PS: Here are some photos I took on the day we threw your ashes in the ocean at Sands Beach. enjoy



Goodnight Christian


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