Another Particle Clinging to a Flame

I am one who loves to create. My top choices of media are acrylic painting, ink, vector, and music. For services message me or to donate go to Donate to We Need Heroes

In my spare time, I like to organize creative events and collaborate with others. I enjoy reading books and exploring the many techniques that come with graphic design. My favorite subject to read about is anything non-fiction, in particular, metaphysics. Making fliers, Logos, tattoo designs are some of the things I truly enjoy and especially, illustration. I like to work on several projects at once, which keeps my creative juices in a happy state. As an artist, everything is a learning experience and I find it fascinating how the power of art has played a major role in the history of mankind’s greatest inventions and movements.

I have an Associate degree in Graphic Communications and my goal is to further implement my creative skills into projects based on sustainability design, Health, wellness, spoken word poetry, music, and fantasy art.

In February of 2017, I teamed up with a group of student leaders and established the SCC Creative Alliance Club as a way to help other artists find accessible platforms to sell/showcase their works. My goal is to encourage collaboration between creative disciplines (fine art, music, dance, theater, etc) for the sole purpose of enhancing our environment and giving back to our communities.